Project Description
SQL Azure BCP makes it easier for database admins and developers, to do bulk copy loads into SQL Azure. This bcp replacement allows you to define each load using an easily XML file.
It´s developed using C#.

When is useful this tool?
Sometimes, the database administrator or database developer can´t use SSIS and must rely on standard bcp.exe or bulk insert T-SQL... this tool provides an easily configurable way to load data between SQL Server instances (including SQL Server Azure).

About Author:
Enrique Catala Bañuls
Mentor in SolidQ (
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Enrique Catala Bañuls work as Mentor in the relational team at SolidQ. Is MCT, MCITP, MCTS and named MAP 2010 (Microsoft Active Professional in Spain). Professionally focused on SQL Server databases, over the past 7 years has its main operating focus on problem solving performance, scalability, migration and high availability. In addition to providing official Microsoft courses, has participated as a speaker at Microsoft Launch Events Spain (Microsoft SQL Server 2008), within 24 hours of SQL PASS conference, member of the new SQL PASS Spain, talks in the Microsoft User Group GuseNET and is a frequent speaker SolidQ session under the Madrid Summit.

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