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Project Description
SQL Azure BCP makes it easier for database admins and developers, to do bulk copy loads into SQL Azure. This bcp replacement allows you to define each load using an easily XML file.
It´s developed using C#.

When is useful this tool?
Sometimes, the database administrator or database developer can´t use SSIS and must rely on standard bcp.exe or bulk insert T-SQL... this tool provides an easily configurable way to load data between SQL Server instances (including SQL Server Azure).

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Enrique Catala Bañuls
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Enrique Catala is a SolidQ Mentor , Microsoft SQL Server MVP, outstanding contributor in the SQL Server community on MSDN Spain ( ) where he worked as a Technical Ranger. Computer engineer graduated with honors. Is Microsoft Certified Trainer ( MCT ) and named MAP ( Microsoft Active Professional). Focused on the SQL Server relational engine , both problem solving performance and scalability in OLTP systems such as the definition and implementation of reliable high availability environments , where he has successfully led more than 90 projects not only in Spain but in different countries like USA , Netherlands , Mexico , Saudi Arabia and Austria. It is the principal architect of the solutions called SolidQ HealthCheck , SolidQ SQL2Cloud , SolidQ SCODA and SolidQ SSIS generator . Regular speaker at SolidQ SUMMIT, member and speaker at SQL PASS in Spain and Latin America, SQLSaturday and SQLServerPath. He has written the book ' Planning for migration to SQL Server SQL Server 2008 R2 " ( ISBN : 978-84-936417-9-5 ) .
Keeps both his personal blog ( ) as " DBA Corner " ( ) with SolidQ colleagues .

Specialties : SQL Server, . NET , relational engines Tuning , SSIS , DTS , data warehouses , data access patterns architecutre , MVVM , WCF , Silverlight , RIA Services , Windows Phone , Windows Store Apps , WPF , XAML

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